My Armani is a merle Goldendoodle, which most people refer to as a color.  However merle is not a color, but more of a pattern.  Because he looks so unique people are always questioning the doodle’s colors; to be honest they have so many colors.  Being that Goldendoodles are hybrids of the Poodle and Golden Retriever they benefit from everything from the physical traits and personalities of both of these breeds, which includes the coat color.  The Poodle has 11 official colors and 16 color combinations, according to the AKC, whereas the Gold Retrieve has various shades of golden, light to dark.  Combining the two breeds can give colors such as cream, apricot, red, chocolate or brown, black, white, parti, and phantom.  The parti and phantom color is a Goldendoodle with a two-color coat. 

The phantom coat is very subtle, it is marking in specific places and may appear as patches, whereas the parti is a two-tone marking that can/cannot be all over the body.  No matter what color your Goldendoodle is, they are all cute and loving and will make a great addition to your family!